1906 - Fire at The Bakehouse

New History Articles – the old bakehouse & crime in the 19th century

Our resident historians are busy creating more interesting content for our ever growing history section on the East Farndon village website. Alan Langley has just published two new articles, one setting out the history of the Old Bakehouse on Main Street, part of our Heritage Assets series, the other an article about crime in 19th century East Farndon, which may raise a smile.

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East Farndon Chinese New Year Celebration – thanks & see photos

2023 is the year of the Rabbit. Many thanks to the Village Hall Social Committee for organising such a fantastic Chinese New Year celebration on Saturday 21st January at East Farndon Village Hall. Everyone had a great time enjoying yummy chinese food and playing a number of fun games. The event raised some valuable funds for the Village Hall and the raffle raised £148 that will be donated to our local Foodbank. Many thanks to all that attended and please see some photos below.

Farndon Bridge – does anyone remember it?

Above is a photo that was lent to Alan Langley some years ago, looking down the Farndon Road from the Welland Park end. The railway bridge is clearly visible. This bridge was not there in December 1973, so does anyone remember it? or know when it was taken down?

Nowadays it’s hard to believe it was ever there, but of course Rugby Close takes its name from the Rugby to Stamford line which crossed the bridge.

Also, if you are into your local history, click the link below to read about a great West Northants recent discovery, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-63860132

New History Article – The Judith Stone

Did you know that we have a glacial heritage asset in the parish of East Farndon? The Judith Stone sits in a field in the north-northwest of the parish of East Farndon, and is a glacial erratic boulder. It is known locally as the Judith Stone, and is thought to be named after Countess Judith, who was the niece of William the Conqueror. Read the fascinating new article, written by Judy Hodgetts, by clicking the link below,

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Father Christmas spotted in East Farndon?

He has been spotted out and about in East Farndon! along with some very festive partridges, turtle doves, french hens, calling birds, gold rings, geese, swans, maids (a little worse for wear), ladies, lords, pipers and drummers!

Merry Christmas to all in East Farndon. Huge thanks to everyone for making our village a sociable, friendly and fun place to live. Very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023!

East Farndon ’12 Days of Christmas’ decorations – see map & photos

East Farndon is celebrating the Christmas season in style and we are excited to launch our first ever ‘12 Days of Christmas’ house decorating event. Santa’s Elf has picked out the themes from Santa’s hat and assigned them to the houses that have volunteered to take part. See at the top of the page the village map where you can fnd our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ themed decorations.

We encourage all home owners to decorate their houses in as many different ways as possible to add further Christmas spirit to our special village.

Click this link to see photos of our ’12 Days of Christmas’ entries

We will keep this website updated as the effort ramps up and please watch out for more special news as Christmas approaches.

There is no pressure to do this, but if you really enjoy our efforts, please make a donation to our East Farndon War Memorial Restoration Fund by clicking this link, https://eastfarndon.org/east-farndon-war-memorial-restoration-fund-please-donate/

New History Article – Biography of Fred Cox (1874-1942)

Fred Cox lived in East Farndon for 40 years and played a significant part in village life. He was chairman and managing director of R & WH Symington (the Corset Factory) in Market Harborough. Read the new fascinating article, written by Alan Langley, by clicking the link below,

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Zeppelins over East Farndon!

East Farndon resident Mike Lee has created an interesting and entertaining history article that covers a wide range of family recollections from 1916 onwards. This includes the sight and sounds of Zeppelins over East Farndon. You can access this article directly by clicking the link below,

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