Reporting Problems

Northamptonshire Highways has a responsibility to keep the roads and footpaths safe to use.  If you want to report any problems with roads, pavements, or footpaths, you should contact Street Doctor via the link below

Some problems cannot be reported through Street Doctor because they are the responsibility of other organisations. Further information on where you should report problems is available via the link below.


Speeding traffic in East Farndon has long been a concern in the village and a focus for the Parish Council. By clicking the link below, you can see a summary that details all of the efforts that have been made to date to address this issue. If you have any queries about its contents please email the Parish Clerk at:

Parking on Pavements and Blind Bends

Despite repeated requests and warnings, the issue of parking on pavements in East Farndon continues to be a problem. Our local Police are now going to keep a close watch and everyone should be aware that they will ticket vehices if they are found to be parking in a manner that obstructs pavements. The Police will follow a 2 step process,

Step 1 – a leaflet / letter will be left on the offending vehicle(s) warning drivers not to obstruct / park on pavement.

Step 2 – if no improvement – Fixed Penalty Notice by post AND removal of the vehicle (not one or the other).

The Parish Council has previously contacted the Police to resolve this issue which obstructs pedestrians, in particular buggies and mobility scooters. The Police advised that streets in East Farndon have no parking restrictions so vehicles can park on the road, but in any event, a space 1 METRE WIDE on the pavement should be left so people can get past safely. In addition, if a vehicle is parked on the road, especially on Main Street / Harborough Road, drivers must ensure that it is not parked on a blind bend so that traffic has good visibility in both directions. Thank you everyone!

If you have any questions, please email our Parish Clerk, Caroline Burton

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