In Memoriam – Marlene Hook – 1938 to 2023

Christmas Eve brought the sad news of the death of Marlene Hook, at the age of 85. She had lived her entire life in East Farndon. It is 20 years since her husband John died, but she is survived by her daughter Stephanie and son Andrew.

Marlene lived with her parents George and Frances in a cottage near ‘Sunnybays’ which has since been demolished. It was after she and John were married that they moved to a house in The Lealand. Her parents moved nearby, just round the corner. Throughout her life she supported village activities and there is ample photographic proof of her involvement in the W.I., the fete, Age Concern and generally helping out at village events. No event seemed complete unless Marlene was there, doing her bit. The photos show some of her many contributions to village life.

Marlene had the sort of laughter that set other people off laughing as well. She was the kind of person a community needs, to keep village life going strong. Marlene will be much missed, her funeral will take place at East Farndon church on 17th January 2024 at 12.30.

The photo above shows Marlene at the village fete, around 2000, Marlene is wearing sunglasses as she helps at one of the stalls. The photo below shows Marlene (on the right) at the village May Day celebration in 1949.

The photo below shows Marlene (second from right) helping with the washing-up after an event in the village hall in the 1970s.

Below (extreme right) Marlene is part of the W.I. group clearing the spring in 2000.

In 2013 weather forced some stalls at the fete to move into the church and Marlene (left) was helping, as ever.

Written by Alan Langley, Jan 2024