New Solar Panels for East Farndon Village Hall

From December 4th 2023, the East Farndon Village Hall will look slightly different! Your village hall committee is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and we are pleased to announce that solar panels will be installed on the roof.

By using solar energy we will generate electricity, rather than importing from the National Grid and therefore make savings to our annual electricity bill, which is one of our largest expenses. The solar panel system will supply our electricity first and additional energy will be stored in our battery, thus optimising our savings. Electricity will only be imported from the grid when there is insufficient capacity contained within our battery storage system. Our expectation is that this will reduce the overall running cost of the village hall, helping ensure its viability into the future.

The addition of solar panels is part of an exciting initiative to help future proof the village hall, making it more efficient and help it become more self-sustainable. Over the coming months we will also look at more efficient lighting options to further reduce our outgoings and into utilising cheaper import rates to top up and charge our battery storage system overnight.

If you want to know more about what’s happening to the village Hall then please use this link to email Paul Hodgetts. Also, use this link to visit the Village Hall Home Page on this website.