Bench Under the Beech Tree

Important Note – it is an offence to fell trees without a licence

Did you know it is now an offence to fell trees without a licence if an exemption does not apply? The government recently introduced unlimited fines to deter illegal tree felling in England, following concern over possible rising levels of illegal felling, particularly ahead of development proposals being submitted.

Felling is legally controlled and generally requires a licence to be issued before work starts. There is an exemption allowing landowners to fell up to 5 cubic metres of growing trees in any calendar quarter on a property without a licence, as long as no more than 2 cubic metres of this is sold. For example, a tree 10m in height with a diameter of 30cm around the midpoint of the trunk is estimated to equate to just over 0.7 cubic metres.

Other exemptions apply, including allowing for lopping and topping, and for small trees of less than 8cm in diameter – measured at 1.3m from the ground – to be removed. Nuisance or dangerous trees can also be felled without a licence, as can fruit trees. If relying on one of the exemptions, it is the landowner’s responsibility to prove that it applies.

Everyone involved in the felling of trees (the owner, agent and timber merchant or contractor) must ensure that a licence has been issued before any felling is carried out, unless they are certain that one of the exemptions apply. If there’s no licence or other valid permission, or if the wrong trees are felled, anyone involved can be prosecuted.

You’re advised to engage with neighbours to make them aware of your tree felling plans. For more information about felling licences, why you need one, and how to get one, read the attached booklet by clicking the link below.

The Government advice on this can be accessed by clicking ths link:

Farndon Bridge – does anyone remember it?

Above is a photo that was lent to Alan Langley some years ago, looking down the Farndon Road from the Welland Park end. The railway bridge is clearly visible. This bridge was not there in December 1973, so does anyone remember it? or know when it was taken down?

Nowadays it’s hard to believe it was ever there, but of course Rugby Close takes its name from the Rugby to Stamford line which crossed the bridge.

Also, if you are into your local history, click the link below to read about a great West Northants recent discovery,

New Rules for Public Open Spaces – dogs & smoking

Latest: Note that these new rules have been challenged by professional dog walkers, causing WNC to suspend the enforcement shlist discussions take place. You can read more by clicking the link below.

Council to hold talks with representatives for professional dogs walkers over new rules

New rules which encourage responsible dog ownership and ban smoking in
specific public open spaces, which come into force on November 1st 2022, have
been approved by West Northamptonshire Council (WNC).

A new Public Spaces Protection Order means dog owners could be fined £100 if
they fail to:
• pick up their dog’s mess and dispose of it properly
• carry the means to pick up after their dog
• prevent their dog from entering public places from which dogs are
excluded, including children’s play areas, schools, skateparks, tennis
courts, multi-use games areas (MUGAs) and bowling greens
• keep their dog on a lead when in cemeteries, burial sites, graveyards,
memorial gardens, allotments, car parks, sports grounds, fields and pitches
– when in use for authorised sporting activity
• put their dog on a lead when asked to do so by an authorised officer
The order also restricts a person from walking more than four dogs at any
one time and prohibits smoking in: children’s play areas, schools,
skateparks, tennis courts, multi-use games areas (MUGAs), and bowling

In East Farndon, this specifically means that dogs must be kept on a lead in
the Churchyard & Burial Ground, and, more generally, dog owners must pick up
their dog’s mess; dispose of it properly; and carry the means to pick up
after their dog – plus no-one should walk more than four dogs at one time.

To find out more about the public space protection order, visit:

East Farndon Queen’s Green Canopy Tree Planting

On Remembrance Sunday, November 13th 2022, East Farndon completed it’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations with the planting of a tree on Marriott Green.

Villagers gathered together to attend the ceremony, part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative. East Farndon decided to plant the tree to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year and also to pay tribute to Her Majesty the Queen following her sad passing in September.

Many thanks to Richard Everard OBE DL, who planted the tree on behalf of the village.

Also many thanks to Judy Hodgetts, Jess Oakden, the Jubilee Committee, the Parish Council and the Marriott Green team for their support in making this happen.

Judy and Jess, our resdent tree wardens, chose an english native tree, a crab apple (malus) called Comtesse de Paris with white blossom and yellow fruit.

On the sad passing of the Queen, a number of residents placed flowers under the Beech Tree near Marriott Green. These were collected and composted so that they could be included with the soil used to plant our Jubilee tree.

You can read more about the East Farndon Platinum Jubilee celebrations by clicking this link:

Saying thank you to Russell Burton

Did you know that there is a simple and easy way that anyone can say thank you to a fellow resident or residents of East Farndon.

All you have to do is send an email to the webmaster, Mervyn Curtis, with some details about the person / persons and why you wish to thank them. This should also include a photo if possible. We will then post your thank you on our village website and our Facebook and Instagram pages.

I will kick off with a personal thank you to Russell Burton. Russell has just retired from East Farndon Parish Council having served for a massive 24 years. He has been tireless in his efforts to help improve our community and is now applying that energy as part of the Village Hall Committee.

The photo shows Russell (on the left for those who don’t know him, but that won’t be many people!) at the point he retired from the Parish Council in May 2022.

Thank you Russell for your excellent support of our community and your engaging sense of fun.

Written by Mervyn Curtis – September 2022

In memory of HM The Queen

Our thoughts are with the Royal Family following news that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has passed.

East Farndon Parish Council has placed flowers under the Beech Tree near Marriott Green and residents can place their own flowers at this location if they wish to. The Beech Tree is a very fitting location for our floral tributes, as it commemorates the coronation of the Queen’s parents. Flowers will be removed for composting on Tuesday 20th September.

East Farndon Parish Council has organised a Book of Condolence that is situated at the Village Hall. This will be open on the following dates and times for residents to visit, reflect and sign the Book of Condolence. Please can villagers pass on this information, especially to those who do not have internet access.

Friday 9th Sept – 5.00 – 6.00pm and also during the Farndon Social event on Friday evening.
Saturday 10th Sept – 9.00 – 10.00am
Sunday 11th Sept – 7.00 – 8.00pm
Monday 12th Sept – 6.00 – 7.00pm
Tuesday 13th Sept – 10.30 – 11.30am
Wednesday 14th Sept – 6.00 – 7.00pm
Thursday 15th Sept – 11.30 – 12.30pm
Friday 16th Sept – 5.00 – 6.00pm
Saturday 17th Sept – 5.00 – 6.00pm
Sunday 18th Sept – 5.00 – 6.00pm
Monday 19th Sept – 9.00 – 10.00am
Tuesday 20th Sept – 2.00 – 3.00pm

An online book of condolence is available on the Royal Family’s website. The West Northants Council books of condolence will be available as follows:

  • Northampton Guildhall: 8.30am to 6pm (Saturdays 9.30am to 5pm)
  • Towcester Forum: 9am to 5pm
  • Daventry Lodge Road: 9am to 5pm

All books of condolence will be closed on the day after the Queen’s funeral. Once closed, the books will form part of West Northamptonshire Council’s archive so that future generations are able to easily gain access to them and find out the way in which national events are marked.

Timeline overview

See below a summary of the timeline of the official West Northants Council events through the 10 days of national mourning.

Friday, 9 September

  • The Union flag on council buildings will be flown at half-mast. Other flags will be removed during the period of national mourning.
  • 18.00 The King will broadcast to the nation – St Paul’s Cathedral will hold a service open to the public which will be broadcast nationally.
  • An evening service at 19.00 will be held at All Saints Church, Northampton. Other services to be held in the county

Saturday, 10 September

  • Laying of wreath by the Lord Lieutenant at Garden of Remembrance, All Saints Church, Northampton at 10.00am. Other ceremonies to be held in the county.
  • The Proclamation will be read at St James’ Palace London, 11:00
  • The Union flag will be flown at full-mast at 11:00 (timing of Proclamation)

Sunday, 11 September (County Proclamation)

  • The Proclamation will be read at noon at Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast
  • The Proclamation will be read at 13.00 by the High Sheriff, on behalf of the county, at All Saints Church, Northampton.  Special dispensation for the flying of the Union flag at full mast, then immediately returned to half-mast once proclamation is read.
  • At all other locations The Union flag will be flown at half-mast at 13:00
  • The Proclamation will be read at 14:30 at parish and town level. The Union flag can be raised to full mast during the local ceremony and returned to half-mast afterwards.

Sunday, 18 September (eve of funeral)

  • A morning service  at 11.00am will be held at All Saints Church, Northampton. Those wishing to attend are advised that they can arrive at any time after 10am and must be seated by 10.40am at the latest. A ceremonial procession will progress from the Judge’s Lodgings in George Row, arriving at the church where dignitaries will be guided to their seating ready for the service to start at 11am. The service will also be live streamed on social media and sound will be broadcast via a sound system outside the church.
  • A Service of Commemoration will take place at the St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Market Place, Kettering, from 3.30pm and all are welcome to attend.
  • An evening service will be held at Peterborough Cathedral
  • Other services to be held in the county
  • A national one-minute silence is being held at 20.00. The Prime Minister’s office said “The silence can be marked privately at home on your own or with friends and neighbours, out on your doorstep or street with neighbours, or at any locally arranged community events and vigils.”

Monday, 19 September (funeral)

  • The Queen will receive a State Funeral
  • There will be a two-minute silence at 11:00

Tuesday, 20 September

  • The Union flag will be flown at full-mast at 08:00. Any other flags can now be flown at full-mast.
  • Usual practices resume

If you have any questions, please email Caroline Burton, Parish Clerk or Mervyn Curtis, Parish Council Chair

In Memoriam – Bryan Dunnill

It is really sad to learn that Bryan Dunnill has passed away. Bryan lived in East Farndon for many years and everyone loved his friendly, positive and happy personality.

Bryan was fully involved in village life, as illustrated in the photo, which shows him (front left) helping out with the installation of the newly restored church bell.

Bryan’s family invites friends from East Farndon to attend his funeral, to be held at 3pm on Wednesday 14th September 2022 in East Farndon Church, and afterwards at East Farndon Village Hall.

May he rest in peace.

East Farndon Jubilee events raise £848 for the Foodbank in Market Harborough

East Farndon celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in style. Everyone had a great time and the special events raised valuable funds for our local community charities.

The Jubilee Committee were delighted to present £848 to Gavin Dean, Assistant Treasurer of the Market Harborough Jubilee Foodbank. The photo shows Gavin with Sam Beesley and Jo Shaw from the Jubilee Committee and Melanie Duke from the East Farndon Parish Council.

You can read more details and browse photos from the multiple Jubilee events, that raised a superb total of £4,738.87 for our local community, by visiting our Platinum Jubillee home page via the website menu and/or the link below:

Huge thanks to everyone for their help and support in making these events so special. If you have questions, please email Mervyn Curtis or Caroline Burton.

#eastfarndonjubilee #queensjubilee #villagelife #celebratetogether #livemusic #allageswelcome

WW2 Air Crash Talk – now available to view on-line

Many thanks to Judy Hodgetts and Theresa Reed for giving such an engaging and interesting talk on Friday July 1st 2022. The Village Hall was full and the evening raised an amazing £308 for the upkeep and improvement of the East Farndon War Memorial.

If you missed the event, you can now view the video of the talk on line by clcking this link:

Many thanks to Gary Gouws for producing this excellent video. You can read more about Gary and his company by clicking this link: Freelance Videographer | BlueSky Intertainment (

The talk focused on the details of the two air crashes that happened in the village during World War II. Judy explained how she investigated them and told us about the intrigue that surrounds one of the crashes.

Judy was joined by Theresa Reed, who has been metal detecting the crash sites for many months, prior to them becoming protected. Theresa found and catalogued lots of pieces of aircraft wreckage, including several personal items. She put these on display and talked about the technicalities of how these interesting finds were detected and identified.

You can read more about the Air Crashes, the recent memorial events and see more WW2 articles on this website by clicking the link below,