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East Farndon United Charities – new Trustee & how to receive a grant

We are pleased to announce that Caroline Burton has been appointed as a Trustee for the East Farndon United Charities.

Did you know that if you currently live in the village, and have been a resident for 2 or more years, then you are eligible to apply for a grant from this long standing village charity.

Set educational grants are available for,

  1. The start of primary school
  2. The start of secondary education
  3. The start of sixth form or college
  4. The start of University and Apprenticeships

Discretionary grants are also available to help towards the cost of educational trips and specialist equipment for course work.

There are also other grants available for,

  • Birth of a child
  • Pensioners Grant
  • Funeral Grant

There is no limit to the number of grants a family can receive, for example, a child can receive a grant at each stage of their education. We want to give everyone who is eligible the opportunity to take advantage of these grants, however we need your help because we do not know children’s ages or at what stage of education they are at.

How do I apply ?

It’s easy, just contact the Clerk to the United Charites (Pam Haynes) by following this link: email Pam Haynes or use the website Contact Us page. You can also speak to one of the trustees.

For more details, including Trustee contact details, please visit the dedicated web page for the East Farndon United Charities by clicking the link below.