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Historical Village Tour in Words and Pictures

A comprehensive article that takes you through a tour of the historic buildings of East Farndon in words and photos

East Farndon Church
Former Cottage Near Church

Opens a new page to discover the history of the East Farndon Church and its Clergy.

East Farndon War Memorial

Presents the history of the East Farndon War Memorial.

Ivy House on Main Street

Learn about the history of Ivy House on Main Street, originally built as a non-conformist chapel. If you have any comments or memories to share, please email Russell Burton.

The Old Bakehouse on Main Street
1906 - Fire at The Bakehouse

Read about the history of the Old Bakehouse on Main Street, believed to have been built in the mid 19th century. Censuses from before that time indicate that there was a ‘baker’ and therefore presumably a bakery on this site or very nearby.

East Farndon Hall – 2021 Restoration
East Farndon Hall - Newly Refurbished - 2021

Discover the details of the restoration of East Farndon Hall. Article written by John Oakes, Project Lead and Joules’ Family Office

The Spring on Main Street
The Spring - May Day 1950

Presents details the history of the fresh water Spring, situated on Main Street, opposite Ivy House.

The Beech Tree on Main Street
Beech Tree Plaque - Nov 2019

Presents the history behind the Beech Tree and the reason for a recent ceremony. This lovely tree sits at the top of Main Street near the Church.

The Judith Stone

Describes the history of Judith Stone, which sits in a field in the north-northwest of the parish of East Farndon, and is a glacial erratic boulder.

East Farndon Polo Ground

Presents the history of the East Farndon Polo Ground. The field was in Oak Tree Close, which is the field between the vineyard and the bridleway, looking to the left of the vineyard from Marston Lane.

One Hundred Years with a Village Hall

The first East Farndon Village Hall was opened in February 1924. To celebrate the major milestone of 100 years of East Farndon enjoying a wide variety of Village Hall community events, this article sets out a summary of its history.