East Farndon Defibrillator – located at the Village Hall

East Farndon has a Defibrillator that is located on the wall outside the Village Hall. Our unit is a portable, Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) that is especially designed for people with little or no medical background.

In the event of an emergency, always call 999 and follow the instructions from your local ambulance service. If you need to access the Defibrillator, simply pull the plastic tag to break it off, then rotate the cabinet housing to the left.

The Village Hall is located on Main Street, pretty much in the middle of the Village, at postcode LE16 9SH or what3words location ///spaces.amending.cheesy

If coming down the hill on Main Street, the Village Hall is on your right, approx 100 yards past the War Memorial / Back Lane turning. If coming up the hill on Main Street, the Village Hall is on your left, but if you get to the War Memorial / Back Lane turning, then you have gone too far.

To read more about this unit, and view an instruction video, please click this link: https://eastfarndon.org/east-farndon-defibrillator-important-information/

East Farndon Village Hall

Weekly Foodbank Collection – from East Farndon residents

Your weekly contributions are very much appreciated, please keep donating. Food drop-off points continue to be either 4 Rectory Court or Mill House, Main Street (just above the war memorial on the opposite side). You will find a box on the porch outside each house where you can deposit your food donations.

​​​If you would like to donate but are unable to drop off at either points then please email Paul Hodgetts or Mervyn Curtis and we will arrange to collect.

Every week, the Jubilee Foodbank pick up from us early on a Tuesday morning. They are specific about the type of food they will accept and publish an up to date list of urgent items that they are short of. Please visit the Foodbank website to see the latest wanted list. Click on Shopping List – Jubilee Foodbank Market Harborough.

We will continue to keep everyone up to date with progress via this Website and the village Facebook and Instagram pages.

MoD UK-wide Veterans’ Survey

The Office for Veterans’ Affairs and Office for National Statistics have launched a UK-wide veterans’ survey with the aim of better understanding the experiences and needs of the UK veteran population.

The survey is seeking views from all UK armed forces veterans and their families. Hearing from our veteran community is vital and that is why the government has launched a UK-wide Veterans’ Survey.

This is the first-ever exercise to collect feedback from the veterans’ community across the UK coordinated by the Office for Veterans’ Affairs and the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The online survey was launched on 10 November and will be live for 12 weeks.

The survey gives ex-UK armed forces personnel and their families the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the government on their experiences, access to and use of services for veterans.

Responses to the survey will help us better understand the experiences, needs and well-being of our veteran community, and guide future action. It is important we hear a wide range of views and we would like to encourage as many ex-UK armed forces veterans and their families to share feedback as possible.

Your views matter, so please take part today. Complete the Veterans’ Survey on the ONS website.
Thank you for your assistance. 

Kind Regards 
​​​​​Defence Relationship Management

East Farndon Wine Tasting Event – thank you for attending

Many thanks to everyone who attended. It was a great evening with lots of wine drunk and cheese consumed. The event raised a fantastic total of £700 for the East Farndon War Memorial Restoration Fund.

Huge thanks to Caroline and Russsell Burton, Scott Harrison, Jo Shaw, Judy Hodgetts and Jess Oakden for organising such a fun and successful event.

You can learn more about the War Memorial Restoration Fund and discover how to help and donate by clicking this link: https://eastfarndon.org/east-farndon-war-memorial-restoration-fund-please-donate/

East Farndon War Memorial Restoration Fund – please donate

Following the Remembrance Service on Sunday 13th November 2022, a special event was held at the Village Hall to officially launch the War Memorial Restoration Fund. The memorial is in desperate need of some tlc and we are looking to raise a total of £10,000.

The team has made a decent start with approx £2,000 raised so far and there are a number of fund raising events planned. We will keep you up to date with events and fund raising progress via this website and our village Facebook and Instagram pages.

A Go Fund Me Page has been set up to make it easier for people to donate on-line. Please click this link to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/east-farndon-war-memorial-renovation-fund/widget/large

You can also donate by getting in touch with any of the restoration team members or if easier, please email Scott Harrison or Caroline Burton. The team members are Scott Harrison, Jo Shaw, Judy Hodgetts, Jess Oakden, Caroline Burton and Tom Knott.

Restoration Fund Launch Event – 13th November 2022

Scott Harrison and Richard Everard made interesting speeches to officially launch the restoration fund. Both shared some stories from their military service and stressed the importance of local war memorials. Judy Hodgetts and Jess Oakden presented an exhibition of the history of the East Farndon War Memorial. This was keenly read by the event attendees and you can locate this in the village website history section, or access it directly by clicking the link below.

History of the War Memorial

The launch event was attended by 50 plus people and donations for refreshments, jam and cards brought in a tidy sum for the fund.

The East Farndon Women’s Institute presented a framed embroidery that will be on permanent display in the Village Hall. The WI has recently closed, but they have kindly donated a significant sum to the restoration fund. This follows intial donations to the fund from the Parish Council and the East Farndon Jubilee Committee.

Huge thanks to everyone involved and many thanks in advance for your donations to a very worthy cause.

East Farndon War Memorial Restoration Fund – why is it needed?

Over the years, a number of residents have helped to look after the East Farndon War Memorial.

An initiative, initially led by Jess Oakden, Judy Hodgetts and Jo Shaw, identified a desire to clean, repair and refurbish this important village space, potentially including replacing the gravel with stone paving, re-pointing some of the walls and making the steps more even. Quotes have indicated that this work will cost in the order of £10,000.

The Parish Council has overall responsibility for the War Memorial. To support the current team of residents, the Parish Council has formed a War Memorial Restoration working group. The team has been set up to manage this important initiative, especially in relation to raising funds, overseeing building works and organising volunteers to help as needed.

The working group is led by Councillor Scott Harrison and the team will publish regular updates on this website. The team members are Jo Shaw, Judy Hodgetts, Jess Oakden, Caroline Burton and Tom Knott. The group will ensure that any work carried out is fully within the strict War Memorial renovation regulations and guidelines.

All help is greatly appreciated and if you would like to get involved please email Scott Harrison or Caroline Burton. Thank you.

East Farndon 12 Days of Christmas house decorating event 2022

East Farndon are excited to launch the first ‘12 Days of Christmas’ house decorating event. 

The concept is that Santa’s Elf will pick out of Santa’s hat a day from the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ and assign to you by 11th November. 

On 1st December we’d love you to be ready to start showing your creative decorations to any part of you house / garden to the day you have been assigned.

If you would like to take part, please get in touch with Sam Beesely or Amanda Allen, by November 4th, using the contact details on the poster above.

WWII Air Crash mystery solved & new history article!

Exciting news that Judy Hodgetts has updated her article relating to the WWII air crashes that occured in East Farndon on July 13th 1944. Many will know how much work Judy has put into her research into the crashes and the events she organised including a talk in the Village Hall, a remembrance service at the War Memorial to honour the airmen who died, and the RAF Dakota flypast.

Judy has recently been speaking to Jon Peacock and from his grandad’s stories, he has explained exactly what happened. Judy has updated her article with this new information and is happy to say that the mystery surrounding these crashes has now been solved.

You can read the article by clicking this link:

You can also use the menu or click this link to access the WWII page directly: https://eastfarndon.org/east-farndon-in-world-war-two/

Also, more exciting news that Judy has been busy working with Alan Langley to write an article that details the Rectors of East Farndon. This new and really interesting article is a great record that can be passed on to future generations.

As a taster, did you know that the first recorded rector in East Farndon dates back to 1233? The article tells of the many rectors who have passed through our church, including interesting characters such as John Eyre with his fiery temper! Read about the generosity of Alfred Wilson, who restored the church; James McCloghry, who rode a motorbike and was a TV extra in Morse and Mary Garbutt who speed-read the entire bible in three and a half days!

You can read the article by clicking this link:

You can also use the menu or click this link to directly access the Chuch History page: https://eastfarndon.org/church-history/

or read more of our many Village History articles by clicking this link: https://eastfarndon.org/village-history/

History of the East Farndon War Memorial

Judy Hodgetts and Jess Oakden have put together a special article on the history of the East Farndon War Memorial to mark the launch of the Restoration Fund on Sunday 13th November. This article will reside in our website history section, but you can access it directly by clicking the link below.

East Farndon held 3 special events on Sunday 13th November, with the Jubilee Tree Planting on Marriott Green at 10.30am, the Remembrance Service at the War Memorial at 11.00am, immediately followed by refreshments in the Village Hall and the launch the War Memorial Restoration Fund. You can read more by clicking this link: https://eastfarndon.org/jubilee-tree-planting-remembrance-day-service-sunday-13th-november-2022/