Ask Aimee! – launch of village contact group for East Farndon

East Farndon organises a range of village events to support the people in our community. We are aware that some people find it difficult to attend these events, especially during the cold and dark winter months, and this can leave them feeling isolated and lonely.

Our village has created a contact group that aims to make sure that everyone feels a connection with the community and are supported in attending village events. The contact group, which is made up of village residents, is available for anyone to call for help in getting to and from village events or for simply organising a get together for a cup of tea and a chat.

This initiative is known as “Ask Aimee” named after Aimee, who lives in East Farndon and has inspired the creation of our village contact group.

To get in touch please call 01858 402055 to leave a message and one of our team of East Farndon residents will return your call and set about getting things organised to help where we can. For those who have access, you can also make contact using this e-mail link: email Ask Aimee

East Farndon events are published in the monthly Parish Magazine, on the Village Website and Facebook pages, and posters around the village. As a reminder, click this link to visit our website Village Events Page:

We look forward to seeing you soon.