Bird Scarers in the fields around East Farndon

At this time of year, our local Farmers use Bird Scarers in the fields around East Farndon. The article below explains why they are used and how local residents can make their views known if they have a concern in relation to this.

Spring barley is being grown in the fields around East Farndon and during the early stages of growth the crop is very soft which makes it easy for birds of all kinds to trample it down to peck out the seeds.

Crows and Rooks can eat their way through a few acres of crop a day, so it quickly becomes a problem for crop farmers if they don’t take preventative measures – early mornings are the worst times apparently. This usually happens for a couple of weeks until the crop hardens around early July, the barley usually being combined in late July.

From a legal / environmental enforcement point of view, the Farmer is not doing anything wrong by using bird scaring devices. They are entitled to use such devices to manage crops and because they are trying to act responsibly by responding to local resident’s and Council requests, there is little enforcement that can happen. 

We are surrounded by beautiful countryside which is owned by farmers who grow crops that are essential. The crops need protecting and despite the inconvenience to residents, the audible devices used to protect crops are permitted providing the landowners take reasonable measures to reduce noise impact and do not use them for a prolonged time.

East Farndon Parish Council of course take the views of residents seriously and will manage them as effectively as we can, however we must also be mindful that because of the rural nature of the village, the Farmers that farm the land are at liberty to do so as best they can in order that we can all ultimately benefit.

If residents are unhappy with bird scaring devices, they are more than welcome and entitled to report this to West Northamptonshire Council (WNC), who will duly investigate.

East Farndon Parish Council would ask that residents instead report it to us so that we can investigate and liaise directly with the Farmer responsible to get a quicker resolution. This also means that it can all be dealt with at a local level – the farmer would much rather be approached in this manner.

You can contact East Farndon Parish Council, by clicking this link to send an email to our Parish Clerk, Caroline Burton.

Guidance on the use of auditory bird scarers, produced by the National Farming Union, is available by clicking this link,

Any complaints can be reported to West Northamptonshire Council via this link:

EFPC understands that environmental / noise complaints must be reported to the local authority in which the person complaining resides. If you are not a resident of East Farndon / West Northamptonsire then please check first with you own local authority, or contact EFPC as described above.