East Farndon Big Spring Clean – Sat 18th to 25th March – Village Hall – 11.30am

We need your help for the the 2023 East Farndon Big Spring Clean. The event will be launched on Saturday 18th March and please can volunteers meet at the Village Hall at 11.30am, where there will be a ‘thank you’ coffee or tea with cakes available. This will also be the launch event for the East Farndon Wombles, proud to part of the Northants Litter Wombles!

We understand that some people will not be able to attend on the day of the launch and therefore slots to help will be available up to Saturday 25th March.

Everyone is welcome and all help is greatly appreciated. For any questions and to confirm that you would like to volunteer, please email Sam Beesley or call using the number on the poster.

Bench Under the Beech Tree

Vacancy for East Farndon Footpath Warden

After many years, our Footpath Warden, Alan Langley, is intending to hang up his walking boots. The Parish Council wants to thank Alan for his excellent work over the years.

So, we are now looking for a new Footpath Warden. This is a volunteer role undertaken within the Parish, which involves monitoring the footpaths / Public Right of Ways (PRoWs) within the Parish Boundary, to help the Parish Council and residents to be aware of the current status and condition of those footpaths / ProWs. The Footpath Warden’s activities include:

· Being aware of rules and regulations associated with PRoWs. 

· Carrying out at least one survey a year of all the PRoW within the parish. 

· Checking that pathways are clear and accessible, and that route signs are clearly visible and stiles, gates and bridges are in good order.

· Reporting any issues with PRoWs on WNC’s Street Doctor.

· Reporting to the Parish Council on PRoW issues in the parish. 

If you are interested in this role, or would like any further information, please contact Caroline Burton (parishclerk.eastfarndon@gmail.com).

Alan Langley has kindly offered to undertake a handover walk in the good weather with the new Footpath Warden – along paths he has walked on many occasions!

You can read more about our footpaths by visiting the Parish Council section of this website, or go directly to the footpath page by clicking this link, https://eastfarndon.org/parish-council-footpaths/

Caroline Burton

Clerk to East Farndon Parish Council

Bench Under the Beech Tree

Vacancy for East Farndon Parish Councillor

Following the public notice of a casual vacancy (due to the resignation of Paul Scott Harrison) to give electors the opportunity to request an election, as there were no requests to hold an election, the Returning Officer has confirmed that the Parish Council can fill the vacancy by co-option.

Therefore, the Parish Council invites applications for co-option, and a notice of the casual vacancy can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Any person interested in applying should refer to the Parish Council’s Co-option Procedure, which is available from the Parish Clerk or by clicking the link below.

Applicants for co-option should:

  • Submit an application form (a copy of the application form is attached as Appendix A – section 1 to the Co-option Procedure); 
  • Confirm their eligibility for the position of Councillor by signing a copy of the eligibility criteria on the application form (Appendix A – section 2 to the Co-option Procedure). 

The closing date for applications is midday on Wednesday, 3 May 2023 and should be submitted to the Clerk at: parishclerk.eastfarndon@gmail.com . Applications will then be considered at the Parish Council meeting to be held on Wednesday, 17 May 2023. If you have any questions about the role of a Parish Councillor, or any general queries, please contact the Clerk.

You can also read all about the East Farndon Parish Council on this website by using the menu or go there diectly by clicking this link, https://eastfarndon.org/parish-council/

Caroline Burton

Clerk to East Farndon Parish Council

East Farndon Community Speedwatch – volunteers needed

East Farndon will participate in Community Speedwatch this year, probably around the April / May 2023 timeframe. We usually have the speedwatch kit for a 2 week period and have an option to use it again later in the year

We need volunteers to stand at the roadside and check vehicle speeds. Training is provided, via an online video. Preferably, volunteers should be able to undertake at least three sessions (lasting around an hour), with suitable times being agreed in advance. Each session has two volunteers – one to operate the camera, and the other to write down speeds.

If you are interested, or have any queries, please email Bernie Fallon at bfallon.efpc@gmail.com