Many thanks to Judy Hodgetts and Theresa Reed for giving such an engaging and interesting talk on Friday July 1st 2022. The Village Hall was full and the evening raised an amazing £313 for the upkeep and improvement of the East Farndon War Memorial.

If you missed the event, you can now view the video of the talk on line by clicking this link,

Many thanks to Gary Gouws for producing this excellent video. You can read more about Gary and his company by clicking this link, Freelance Videographer | BlueSky Intertainment (

The talk focused on the details of the two air crashes that happened in the village during World War II. Judy explained how she investigated them and told us about the intrigue that surrounds one of the crashes.

Judy was joined by Theresa Reed, who has been metal detecting the crash sites for many months, prior to them becoming protected. Theresa found and catalogued lots of pieces of aircraft wreckage, including several personal items. She put these on display and talked about the technicalities of how these interesting finds were detected and identified.

You can read more about the Air Crashes, the recent memorial events and see more WW2 articles on this website by clicking this link,