In 1992, East Farndon Women’s Institute asked its members to make a “Village Scrap Book”. The idea was to record village life and events between 1st April 1992 and 31st March 1993. Marjorie Houlston, who was the W I Secretary and lived on The Lealand, put the scrapbook together using photographs and newspaper clippings. At the time, the village was fundraising for the building of our current village hall, which opened in 1994. Many of the articles relate to the various events that had been organised to raise money.

We are very lucky to have been lent the scrapbook by Marjorie’s daughter, Sue Grant, who kindly said that we could reproduce it for the village website. It is a treasure trove of memories, photographs and interesting articles – a real snapshot of village history, which we are so lucky to have. The scrapbook is 32 pages in total and each page can be viewed in the photo gallery below.

Enormous thanks to Sue for sharing this with us. 

Judy Hodgetts – April 2023