WWII Air Crash mystery solved & new history article!

Exciting news that Judy Hodgetts has updated her article relating to the WWII air crashes that occured in East Farndon on July 13th 1944. Many will know how much work Judy has put into her research into the crashes and the events she organised including a talk in the Village Hall, a remembrance service at the War Memorial to honour the airmen who died, and the RAF Dakota flypast.

Judy has recently been speaking to Jon Peacock and from his grandad’s stories, he has explained exactly what happened. Judy has updated her article with this new information and is happy to say that the mystery surrounding these crashes has now been solved.

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Also, more exciting news that Judy has been busy working with Alan Langley to write an article that details the Rectors of East Farndon. This new and really interesting article is a great record that can be passed on to future generations.

As a taster, did you know that the first recorded rector in East Farndon dates back to 1233? The article tells of the many rectors who have passed through our church, including interesting characters such as John Eyre with his fiery temper! Read about the generosity of Alfred Wilson, who restored the church; James McCloghry, who rode a motorbike and was a TV extra in Morse and Mary Garbutt who speed-read the entire bible in three and a half days!

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