Daffodils by Harborough Road

Village Spring Clean – Churchyard & Marriott Green on 14th May

It’s the time of year for tidying up and getting the Village ready for the spring and summer. If you would like to get involved there are three ways you can volunteer.  

Churchyard & Marriott Green

If you would like to help to tidy up the Churchyard and Marriott Green, please come along at 10 a.m. onwards on Saturday 14th May, bringing gardening tools with you. To find out more, email Sonya Fraser or call on 07969 904114

Annual Litter Pick

Due to Covid we haven’t been able to do this for a couple of years so all the more reason to get out there. If you are able to help please contact Ollie Boucher on 01858 465265 and she will tell you where to go and issue you with a litter picker. Please dispose of waste in your own bins, recycling where you can.

Benches, Signs & other things

The Parish Council carries out a six-monthly ‘fixed asset audit’ to check that all of the lamp posts, benches, bins, etc are working and in good condition.  Arising from this are various jobs of cleaning, painting, etc.  If you would like to help with this, please email Russell Burton or call on 01858 466150, and he will allocate a task to you. Or if you have noticed something you think needs sorting out please let him know.

Please get involved if you can – it’s definitely a case of the more the merrier! 

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