Early Times – Up To the 18th Century

This article sets out the village development up to the 18th century. It includes details related to the Battle of Naseby and the impact of Enclosure.

Village Life – 18th Century to Present Day

Click the heading or the photo to open a new page with a recently updated bumper article and a large photo gallery covering Village life from the 18th Century to the present day.

1860 Steeplechase in East Farndon

Click the heading or the photo to read this article and learn about thousands of people gathering near the Farndon Windmill to watch a great Steeplechase event in 1860.

The Beech Tree on Main Street

Beech Tree Plaque - Nov 2019

This article presents the history behind the Beech Tree and the reason for a recent ceremony. This lovely tree sits at the top of Main Street near the Church.

The History of Ivy House on Main Street

Read about the history of Ivy House on Main Street, originally built as a non-conformist chapel. If you have any comments or memories to share, please email Russell Burton.

Biography of Sir Paul Greening

Sir Paul Greening, commander of the Royal Yacht Britannia, lived in the village during WW2 and married an East Farndon girl, Monica West, in 1951. Written by Alan Langley & Lady Sara Grayson.