Proposed Development of HMP Gartree “Super Prison”

A resident has written to the East Farndon Parish Council (EFPC) expressing their concerns about the recent proposals for both a new “Super Prison” and also an extension of the existing prison at HMP Gartree.

The planning application is already running with Harborough District Council (HDC) in respect of the new Prison. There are plans also to develop the existing Prison, but at this stage the plans have not been brought forward.

EFPC encourage all residents to have a look at the details by clicking the link below,

Although It could be argued that the development will have more impact on the villages closer to Gartree, our resident worries that it could also impact on East Farndon.

In terms of landscape, for anyone walking along the northwestern side of East Farndon, the visible impact of the existing Prison is clear to see, both during the summer and winter months. By trebling the size of the Prison facility at Gartree, there will be significant changes to the rural landscape and local scene.

In terms of traffic, although the majority of the construction and visitor traffic is likely to come in and out of the facility via Lubenham, there will be additional volumes of vehicle movements across the area. The narrow lane from Lubenham to East Farndon could become even more of a busy short cut, with other traffic related to the the A14 travelling via Main Street.

EFPC have been made aware that Lubenham Parish Council is objecting very strongly, and a copy of their template letter, which they are encouraging residents to submit to HDC, can be accessed from the link below,

EFPC very much thank our residents for raising matters of this nature. It allows us to communicate the details to all residents and give them the opportunity to review the details and make their views known.

If residents do have a concern relating to this potential development, please write to HDC in order to make your views known.