Foodbank Collection – need help – please donate if you can

Your contributions are very much appreciated, but please keep donating.

Food drop-off points continue to be either 4 Rectory Court or Mill House, Main Street (just above the war memorial on the opposite side). You will find a box on the porch outside each house where you can deposit your food donations.

The Jubilee Foodbank have requested that we push for the donation of specific items as they have a number of critical stock outs. Please can residents do their best to donate the following. Note that all food collected is non-perishable, long-life or tinned.

Most Needed

  • UHT Semi-Skimmed milk
  • Crackers
  • Tinned chicken in sauce
  • Tinned carrots
  • Powdered / Dried mashed potato

Also on the Shopping List

  • Tinned meatballs
  • Tinned red meat
  • Hotdogs
  • Tinned Potatoes
  • Tinned fruit
  • Corned beef
  • Pasta sauce
  • Tinned rice
  • Custard
  • Sugar (small bags)

The Fooodbank currently do not need:

  • Beans (baked beans, chickpeas, red kidney beans, etc)
  • Tinned sweetcorn

​​​If you would like to donate but are unable to drop off at either points then please email Paul Hodgetts or Mervyn Curtis and we will arrange to collect.

Every week, the Jubilee Foodbank pick up from us early on a Tuesday morning. They are specific about the type of food they will accept and so please visit their website to see the latest wanted list. Click on Shopping List – Jubilee Foodbank Market Harborough.

We will continue to keep everyone up to date with progress via this Website and the village Facebook page.