East Farndon Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – 2nd to 4th June

The latest communication in relation to our upcoming Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations is in the process of being delivered to all Households in East Farndon. This is being distributed by our network of Jubilee Reps so that everyone knows what’s happening, how to buy Raffle tickets, how to make donations to the Fete, and how to offer to Volunteer etc etc.

You can read and / or download the latest communication by clicking the link below. This is a pdf copy of a special Jubilee Edition of Farndon Matters and matches the one given to you by your Jubilee Rep.

Also, you can read the latest details on all of our exciting East Farndon Jubilee Celebration events by clicking the link below, which will take you to our dedicated Jubilee Page,


If you have any questions, please email Caroline Burton and/or Mervyn Curtis

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