East Farndon ’12 Days of Christmas’ decorations – see map & photos

East Farndon is celebrating the Christmas season in style and we are excited to launch our first ever ‘12 Days of Christmas’ house decorating event. Santa’s Elf has picked out the themes from Santa’s hat and assigned them to the houses that have volunteered to take part. See at the top of the page the village map where you can fnd our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ themed decorations.

We encourage all home owners to decorate their houses in as many different ways as possible to add further Christmas spirit to our special village.

Click this link to see photos of our ’12 Days of Christmas’ entries

We will keep this website updated as the effort ramps up and please watch out for more special news as Christmas approaches.

There is no pressure to do this, but if you really enjoy our efforts, please make a donation to our East Farndon War Memorial Restoration Fund by clicking this link, https://eastfarndon.org/east-farndon-war-memorial-restoration-fund-please-donate/